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PETROTEKNO’s Online Learning gives you the flexibility and convenience to learn new knowledge or upskilling your skill without leaving the comfort of your house or office. It also a cost-effective solution since no travelling and accomodation required. PETROTEKNO offeres two Online learning solution to suit your prefered learning style and needs. The two solutions are: Webinar and e-learning.

PETROTEKNO’s Electronic learning or e-learning is an online learning method that gives you more flexibility and convenience where you can learn at your convinient place and time. The learning is a combination of computer animation and slide presentation to optimize your learning experience.

Some benefits of PETROTEKNO’s e-learning are:

PETROTEKNO’s web-based seminar or Webinar is a presentation, workshop or seminar conducted over the internet using online digital platform. Delegates can see and listen to the Instructor live presentation, simulation and even a demonstration.

Some benefits of PETROTEKNO’s Webinar are:

PETROTEKNO E-learning consist of more than 300 different courses for various dicipline in oil & gas AND construction industry. Each course is delivered in english which requires delegates proficiency in english. Successful delegates will receive international recognition in the form of e-certificate. On top of that, PETROTEKNO will also issue printed certificate as a recognition.

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Health Safety Enviroment
Refinery Operations
Plant Operation System
Process Operation

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